What Is A Remote Receptionist And How Can They Help Your Business

During the COVID-19 pandemic, all businesses have had to dramatically adapt to new circumstances. Many people lost their jobs, had to close their businesses, and had to re-adjust their priorities. During this medical and economical crisis, most businesses retreated to working remotely, causing problems and stress across all industries. The strain on businesses has created a new world for entrepreneurs, which will shift the way businesses operate in the years to come.

Since the dawning of this new era, businesses are finding new and innovative ways to operate without an office space. This means utilizing online video chat programs for meetings; adopting their services according to social distancing practices; and so much more.

The Importance of Customer Service

Customer service has become an absolute priority for all businesses in recent years. With customers at the forefront of a business’ growth strategy, customer service standards are impeccably high. Often, the standard of customer service is the tipping point between a customer returning to the business and going elsewhere. The importance of consistent, reliable customer service has never been more apparent.

The Role of a Receptionist

Receptionists are, most of the time, the first point of contact that a customer has with your business. Their skills in organization and scheduling for the business’ structural and day-to-day needs are essential; customer service skills must match them. Like any great employee, a receptionist’s role is to be consistent, reliable, and organized.

What Is A Remote Receptionist?

A remote receptionist works for your company from a remote location. They answer calls that are redirected to through your company’s number to their phone and answer questions. They perform the same service as an in-house receptionist, but remotely. A remote receptionist then takes any details that are needed to be passed on to the company, and efficiently files them in whatever way your company desires.

What Are The Advantages of A Remote Receptionist vs In-House Receptionist?

Here are some key advantages to hiring a remote receptionist instead of an in-house one!

  • Cost. In the time of a pandemic, it’s very difficult for many businesses to keep themselves going. It’s a challenging time for everyone, and cost-cutting in an efficient, effective way is vital. A remote receptionist is a cost-effective way of keeping your standards of customer service and organization high while keeping your costs low.
  • Reliability. With a remote receptionist, the agency which represents them is required to provide you with consistent service. Having one receptionist in-house is good for many things, but if they become ill or go on holiday, it can be very difficult to adapt. A remote service, however, eliminates these difficulties. You will be provided with consistent, reliable service every working day – no matter what!
  • Flexibility. If you are a growing business, it can be very difficult to adapt your receptionist needs as your business changes. With a remote service, this doesn’t have to be a concern. If your business grows or its needs change in other ways, you can adapt your remote receptionist package to accommodate these changes! This allows you to have a worry-free experience of hiring a receptionist without a heavy commitment of full-time, in-house service.

Small Business Services

Remote receptionists are especially perfect for small businesses! If you are starting up and don’t know yet how your business will succeed or change, hiring an in-house receptionist can be an expensive, risky move. If things go awry, it’s difficult to continue with such a responsibility. This can be unfair both on you and the receptionist you have hired.

With a remote receptionist, however, your business can adapt and change – and the service will roll with it. This leaves you with less responsibility which can place strains on your growing business. Plus, the affordability of this option gives you more space to invest in the business you love!

How Does A Remote Receptionist Actually Work?

Hiring a remote receptionist is less complicated than it sounds. It is understandable that many businesses would be concerned about the quality of service a remote receptionist can offer! Here is how a remote receptionist works, step by step.

The hiring process.

This is usually covered by the provider of the telephone service. The receptionists hired are experienced, rigorously interviewed, and only hired if they have great references.

Your business’ information.

Once you sign up for a remote receptionist service, you are asked to provide details about your business. These include the greeting that you’d like the receptionist to use when answering the phone; frequently asked questions which the receptionists should answer; and how to pass on the information back to you. This equips your remote receptionist with the knowledge and understanding they need to effectively represent your business.

On the phone.

The remote receptionist can answer all calls directed to your business (or not), it’s entirely up to you. Once you confirm with the receptionist everything they need to know, they can begin!

When a customer calls, the receptionist can answer their questions based on all the information you provide to them. They can also redirect calls to your colleagues if you wish them to, and take messages to pass onto the business later on. Additionally, the receptionist can manage your schedules, just like an in-house receptionist would! This includes diary keeping for multiple employees, setting appointments, and maintain relationships with clients and customers.

Changing the plan

If you enjoy the remote receptionist service but need it to change, there’s an easy way to do it. There are many different types of receptionist services available, so you can choose one and modify it to your business model. Likewise, if you wish to reduce your service, this is easily achievable.

No matter your needs, your business type, or level of operation, a remote receptionist can easily facilitate your customer service. With excellent quality organization and customer service skills, these receptionists will never disappoint, allowing your business to thrive, even in hard times.