How does a Virtual Assistant work?

Life is short! You have great plans for your business but work keeps on getting in your way. Unfortunately, it is not the type of work that brings in new customers and more profits, it is the type of work that involves answering the phones, talking to customers and filling out spreadsheets.

There is a really effective and affordable way to give you back the bandwidth that you need to put those plans into action.

With a virtual assistant service from Ivy Answering Services you can delegate a lot of those time consuming repetitive tasks and give yourself the time to really get your strategic plan back on track.

So What Is A Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant is a physical person with great phone and clerical skills who can work on your projects remotely. Your virtual assistant could be located hundreds of miles away but by making use of cloud and internet technologies they are able to complete tasks that are related to your business.

What Can A Virtual Assistant Do

A virtual assistant from Ivy Answering Services can perform a whole range of tasks. Firstly, they can act like your own personal assistant who answers incoming calls, feeds information to the callers and takes down details for you. In addition, they can be updating your diary or booking system with appointments and other information.

Your assistant can also be responsible for filling out web forms and getting your customers to complete surveys. The possibilities are endless. If you can organise for a business task to be completed by making use of the internet, a computer and a phone then we can organise for an assistant to do it.

What If We Are Swamped With Work?

That is one of the great things about the Ivy Answering approach. We can allocate as many people to the task as you need. Alternatively, if things are slow then you may only need a part of one person, which will only be charged on the basis of tasks that the assistant carries out for you.

How Will I Be Charged For the Service?

One of the great features of our service is that you are only charged for time that you use. We charge in 1 minute increments so as soon as the assistant has finished your work you account will be charged for the exact number of minutes that they spent on the task. Our customers advise us that this can be a significantly cheaper option than having a full time staff member who can potentially spend 50% of their day sitting around waiting for work to come in.

Take Charge And Get A Virtual Personal Assistant

Why not try out our virtual assistant service for yourself and see how much value it can add to your business. We won’t lock you into a long term contract and you can scale up or scale back the workload whenever you want. Just think, within a couple of hours you could have a virtual assistant working for you remotely and helping you to achieve your corporate goals.