Our Phone Answering Services

Affordable Phone Answering Solutions

Here at Ivy Answering Service, we offer a number of flexible, cost-effective telephone answering services for businesses of all sizes.

Our custom written software is simple to use and you can be up and running with our answering service in minutes. We also offer an easy to use app that works with both iPhone and Android devices.

If you wish to try out the impressive benefits that we can bring to your business you can try out our 7-day free trial with no obligation. We’ll provide you with a unique phone number and you can get started straight away.

Once you have signed up to our service we don’t lock you into any long-term contracts and you are free to upgrade or downgrade your phone answering package at any time.

Virtual Receptionist Services

How much of your day or your colleagues are wasted on telephone answering? Do cold callers or telemarketers distract you from your important tasks? When you dreamt of running your own business did you envisage being trapped at a desk answering incoming calls all day?

If you are looking to boost productivity and grow your business then one of the easiest short-cuts is to hire a virtual receptionist. All our receptionists are based locally in the USA and have been trained to answer calls in a professional and friendly manner. When your business receives any incoming calls our live answering service staff will answer with a unique greeting giving a great first impression to potential clients.

Here’s what our receptionist service can do for you:

Take Messages

This is one of the first things that comes to mind when you think about a phone answering service. If at any time you aren’t available to answer a call all you need to do is from your account select Do Not Disturb and one of our team will deal with the inquiry for you. It’s as simple as that!

Transfer Incoming Calls To You

If you are fed up with all those irritating calls from telemarketers and cold callers allow our receptionists to be your gatekeeper. Our staff will filter out the unimportant calls and pass on the important ones. This way you can concentrate on the calls that matter and drive your business forward. You’ll also save time and energy not having to deal with the calls that are superfluous to your business.

Transfer Incoming Calls To You A Colleague

Sometimes you might be too busy to take an important phone call yourself and you need a colleague to take the call for you. This is simple to do, in your answer service admin area you just select ‘transfer to colleague’ and choose who your calls go to.

Provide Information To Your Callers

Often your callers will be enquiring about the same common questions for instance what hours you are open, parking information, or your email address. Though it is important to deal with these requests, it can still take up time that could be better utilized elsewhere. Why not free up that and have one of our receptionists provide the information.

Internet Answering Services

Our Message Express service is similar to our receptionist service but on a smaller scale. With this answering service, your caller still receives a unique greeting from one of our professionally trained receptionists but once they have answered the call they then forward the message to you via email or text message.

While our receptionist service gives you a lot more options our Message Express service is perfect for small businesses and tradespeople who just need to have a message giving details of what the caller is inquiring about.

With Message Express you still get the special personalized greeting for all your callers and we have a number of affordable packages whatever the size of your business. As your business grows it is easy to upgrade to our receptionist services.

Voice to Email Message Services

Message Center is our most cost-effective package. With this voice to email message service, your caller will be greeted with a recorded message and asked to leave a voice mail. The voice mail will be converted into a text message and that will be sent to your email address. This phone answering service is suitable for a small business or a new start-up looking to keep costs low. This service is charged per minute and just like all our other services you can try out a no obligations free trial. As your business grows you can easily upgrade to either our Message Express or Live receptionist service.

Virtual Assistant Services

Phone answer services aren’t the only virtual solution we provide for your business we have a team of virtual assistants on hand to carry out an array of clerical and administrative tasks for your business.

You might be asking what is a virtual assistant and what can they do?

Basically a virtual assistant is a remote worker with excellent phone and administrative skills who can work on projects and tasks required by your business for as many hours a week as you need them for. By using internet and cloud-based technologies they can perform the same task as a full-time employee but at a much lower cost and without using up any of your precious office real estate.

A virtual assistant can perform a wide array of tasks. For instance, you can hire them to deal with customer service related tasks or even as your own personal assistant keeping track of your diary and appointments. They can also be delegated tasks such as data entry, updating social media, accounting, and Internet research. Really the scope is endless and most business tasks that can be carried out over the internet rather than physically can be carried out by a virtual assistant.

For a small business that is just starting out or one that is swamped by tasks that can be easily outsourced, hiring a virtual assistant is a low-risk way of increasing productivity and business growth. By making use of a virtual assistant you can concentrate on the areas of your business that drive revenue while your VA does the grunt work.

Using our virtual assistant services gives you plenty of flexibility. You are only charged for the time that the VA spends on the task. This is much more affordable than hiring a physical member of staff who is likely to spend a lot of their day on unproductive tasks. You also can allot as big or small a budget as you can afford for VA services if you need one for a few hours a week or a team of VA’s for a big project we can provide you with both.

For some business owners when it comes to the time when they want to scale their business the risks of hiring new staff can impede growth. By using our virtual assistant service you have more control, you pay for the time you need and don’t have to pay a salary, or for vacations and sick pay, and all the other overheads hiring a full-time employee requires.

Benefits of Our Live Answering Services

There are two big benefits to our call answering service; it will save you money and time.

Time-Saving Benefits

We feel sure like any other business you get plenty of calls each and every day that are time wasters or that could be dealt with when you are less busy. As well as all the live calls you answer from people trying to sell you something for your business you are sure to get lots of recorded messages of a similar nature. While most of these calls can be dealt with in a matter of minutes, that time does add up. And the distraction from the task at hand means that you have to refocus each time this happens.

Using our answering service those annoyances will be a thing of the past. We will deal with the phone call for you and forward you an email with the details of the call. This gives you the opportunity to check all the calls at one time when it suits you.

Cost-Saving Benefits

The digital age has changed the face of business giving us the opportunity to utilize a huge range of cost-effective services in our ventures. We no longer need to find, hire, and train full-time employees instead we can make use of virtual staff who are already fully trained and experienced in their roles to carry out these tasks.

Ivy Answering Service has affordable American speaking professional receptionists ready to deal with all your incoming phone calls. You’ll be saving on all the expenses a regular receptionist entails and also be guaranteed a receptionist who will provide exceptional service. If the receptionist takes a sick day or goes on vacation it is no longer an issue as we will always have a replacement on hand to take your calls.

Using a live answering service means that no call goes unanswered. Studies show that when sent to voicemail most callers won’t leave a message but they rarely hang up on a live person. Having every call answered by an engaging live receptionist means less lost business and better user experience for new clients.

Another positive benefit of using our answering service to take your calls is that you will have more time to spend on the tasks that can increase the profitability of your business rather than spending your time on the phone.

Hiring a full-time receptionist can be an unrealistic and costly endeavor for a small business or a solo tradesman using an answering service is a much more practical solution as you can choose the service that suits your situation. Missed calls will be a thing of the past and you won’t have all the complications of dealing with real staff.

Why not give us a try? With our 7 day trial, we answer your phones for free. Let’s get started today!