Your Real Estate Answering Service

You can’t succeed in the Real Estate business without great communication.

You show that your Real Estate agency cares by being available. Ready to listen. Ready to understand. Ready to solve. Ready to achieve.

But you can’t seize the opportunities and convert the property sales leads if you aren’t aware of them!

A really successful Real Estate agency always leads the competition by better communication. Let IVY professional Real Estate Answering Services be the communication resource that supports your successful agency.

Think about these challenges that every Real Estate agency faces.

  • Constant routine calls asking the same general questions – but someone has to do the phone answering!
  • Overloaded by telephone calls some days. That phone keeps ringing and you have no overflow services. Callers just hang up.
  • Need to make time to get your real estate agents and admin staff together to talk your strategy and build morale? But who will answer the phone?
  • Sure, you know some important callers won’t call during work hours but how can you do it better than just chasing up cold voicemail next day?
  • Your staff are people too. They have sudden home priorities. You only have a few staff to take those calls. If your staff can’t answer callers – what are you going to do?
  • You need to reduce overhead and insurance costs but how can you do it without affecting business?
  • You want your best people, your estate agent team out there showing homes, spending face-time with clients, maximising their talent and personality to sell. But they are still being disrupted!

Dealing in real estate is emotional. It is where people live. Its where they dream of living. Its where they lived and raised a family. It’s one of the biggest decisions of most people’s lives. We know how to care.

How can our real estate answering service support you?

Be available to your clients 24/7. We are your live real estate answering service. Now you and your team have support. A constant professional live phone answering service. Never miss a call again.

We immediately answer every call with extensive real estate call answering experience. You get detailed reports. You can track agency communications like never before, that’s useful data.

Call screening, appointment scheduling, open house visits, property visits, smooth routing and prioritising. That’s great support.

Your welcoming live virtual receptionist is a friendly local American voice. We are also bi-lingual.

We provide service at a fraction of the cost of a permanent receptionist in your offices. Its affordable pricing that easily pays for itself.

You get Superfast response times.

We are scalable. Lots of calls, special showings, a busy month? Not a problem.

Use our Free Trial offer and experience the expertise from our highly trained teams. We use your marketing scripts. You direct our virtual receptionists in their messaging. FAQ?

With IVY you don’t miss the call and you might get the sales commission.

You ensure Tenant retention and Landlord retention because we can answer those afterhours calls for you – LIVE.

We are your support in times of crisis, we help in managing disaster recovery, freeing up resources, reinforcing and backing up your team.

Service on holidays? You have it covered. That golden opportunity from a late Sunday afternoon call? You secured it.

Your office is weary after a long day but our staff are fresh and just starting another shift, ready to answer every call. The door to business growth is always open!

Imagine our calm and capable live real estate answering team representing your agency – steadily screening calls and transacting in a warm friendly local voice. Think of all the efficiencies that you’ll benefit from using a dedicated service. The smooth routing of telephone calls from tenants, the detailed messaging of open house queries, the carefully prioritised and escalated calls.

Eliminate that balancing act of staff multi-tasking and juggling telephone calls.

Contact us at IVY and be constantly available to engage in communication on every level., Allow your business to grow more than you ever dreamed.

Let us help your agency maximise revenue from every part of your real estate business

Your live real estate answering service will be the first contact for most of your customers. The phone calls with be warmly answered by your live receptionist with a greeting from your agency. The caller could be a seller, they could be a buyer, it could be a landlord, it could be a tenant. The call could result in commission from a major sale or it could lead to another ongoing stream of property management revenue. With IVY you will be able to give attention to all your revenue flows.

Enabling a quality tenant to access repairs assistance from your live IVY team after normal business hours will mean tenant retention. Being available to a new landlord during a busy showing week will mean a new relationship and another steady property management fee stream. A dedicated virtual receptionist will mean that weekend calls from prospective tenants looking for high end rentals will be safely netted and turned into revenue. With IVY you maximise all your revenue opportunities. Don’t lose those revenue streams because all the focus was on selling. Don’t frustrate future tenants by letting the phone ring on and on and just go to voicemail. Seize every moment to build revenue.

Decide on the level of servicing you want. Pay only for what you use.

At IVY our live real estate answering service is there for you 24/7 if that’s what you require. We can be your overflow service, seamlessly linking in when things get hectic. Choose IVY to cover the weekends and relax and know that your agency is still available, on call and ready to get those leads. Turn to IVY when you have major showings and presentations and all your staff are committed. Contact IVY when you are ready to expand and grow your agency footprint and you need support. Speed, Professionalism, Trust. This is what we offer you and that’s what your clients will receive.

Maximise your agency revenue opportunities with IVY real estate answering services.

Call our friendly team now for a free trial. We will answer promptly. Always.