Virtual Receptionist Pricing

Our packages offer flexible pricing options to suit all business types.

Virtual Receptionist$29*per month

  • FREE
    7 Day Trial
  • Pay As You Go
  • $2.85* Per call we answer
  • Free Trial

Virtual Receptionist 50$119*per month

  • FREE
    7 Day Trial
  • 50 Included calls
  • $2.70* per call over the plan
  • Free Trial

Virtual Receptionist 100$220*per month

  • FREE
    7 Day Trial
  • 100 Included calls
  • $2.65* per call over the plan
  • Free Trial

Virtual Receptionist 200$435*per month

  • FREE
    7 Day Trial
  • 200 Included calls
  • $2.65* per call over the plan
  • Free Trial

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Virtual Receptionist Pricing

Here at Ivy Answer we like to keep our pricing simple and create packages that our customers can use to effectively reduce their telephone answering costs. The way our pricing structure works is that you sign up for a package that includes a specific number of calls (or minutes if you are signing up for an assistant service) that can be used during the month. Any calls that are received that are on top of the calls allocated in the virtual receptionist pricing package are then charged at an excess call rate.

The pricing packages work out to be really cost effective. For example, if you sign up for a VR100 package the cost is $220 and the excess calls are $2.65 per call. This means that for your package calls you are only paying $2.20 per call as opposed to the $2.65.

Something to bear in mind when selecting a receptionist pricing package is that your package calls expire at the end of your billing month. Consequently, when selecting a package for your business you should probably do a bit of an analysis to try to accurately estimate the number of calls that you will be getting.

Don’t worry if you get your estimate wrong. You can upgrade or downgrade your package at any time to try to get the perfect match.

Think of all the tasks you can focus on when Ivy Answer gives you back all of that time by taking all of that mundane phone answering away from you. You might want to focus on company strategy or potentially looking for more clients. Whatever you decide to do with that time, getting an effective virtual receptionist plan will definitely add value to your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be locked in to a contract

Unlike some of our competitors we do not believe in locking our customers into a contract for our Virtual Receptionist services. You can cancel at any time by just giving a months notice. Despite not having a contract we find that a lot of our customers stay with us for many years because they feel they are getting a great service at a great price.

Why do you charge per call and not per minute

We believe that per call charging makes more sense as customers can track their usage easier. On average we have found each call to be around 1.4 minutes in length so for a VR100 package you will get roughly 140 minutes.

Will my calls be answered by offshore call centers

During US office hours your calls will be answered by our USA based virtual receptionists. Outside of office hours your calls will either be answered by our US based team however in some instances when we are experiencing high call volumes then your calls may be answered by staff that are based in our UK or Australian call centers.

Do I have to have all of my calls answered by you?

Absolutely not, if it works for you for us to answer all of your calls then we are very happy to do so however many of our customers turn our services on and off when they need them. For instance, your regular receptionist may be off sick, on vacation or simply at lunch and you may need phone answering cover. You may be in an important meeting or you may be spending some quality time with your family or friends. Whatever works we are happy to work with.

How do I make changes to my account?

You can make changes in a variety of ways, the easiest is by using our iPhone or Android app. If you don’t have a smart phone then you can simply come to this site and hit the login button on the home page. If you are not overly confident making the changes online then you can simply call us and we will be happy to make the changes for you.