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Impress your customers - get a professional greeting delivered to your callers every single time.

Phone Answering Service - Ivy Answering

Are You Ready For A Game Changer?

Your days of feeling chained to your desk are over. No longer do you have to stay in the office waiting for that all important call. With a virtual receptionist from Ivy Telephone Answering Services you can run your business the way that you want without feeling that you need to answer every incoming call.

When you started your business you did so because you felt that you could make a difference, not because you wanted to sit on the phone all day. Just think how much progress you can make if you free up all of that time that you have been spending talking to cold callers and conversing with telemarketers.

Message Taking

This is naturally the first thing that you think of when thinking about a telephone answering service. When you are not available to answer a call then you simply select "Do not disturb" in your account and our staff will take a message for you. It really is just that simple when you sign up with Ivy Answer!

Calls Transferred To You

This is a great way of getting rid of those annoying telemarketing calls that come in constantly. Our answering service staff will act as a gatekeeper and filter out the unwanted calls from the important ones and forward those calls to you. Think of the time you will recover.

Calls Transferred To A Colleague

Even if you are expecting an important call you don't necessarily have to answer it yourself if you are busy. All you need to do is select transfer to colleague in our admin area and nominate who these calls can go to. Our phone answering service staff look after the calls while you get on with things.

Information Provided To Callers

How often do people call when all they want to know is "what parking is available" or "do you have a fax number". While it is important to provide this information it can really take a big slice out of your day. Why not let our staff provide this information for you instead?

Local Reception Staff

We don't use staff in overseas call centers to answer our calls. We think it is important that the person answering your calls understands local business conditions and is fluent in the language for which they are answering. We believe this adds a lot of value to our answering services.

No Long Term Contracts

We want our customers to stay with us because they value the service that we provide and see it as an integral part of their business. If you do decide that you really do want to leave us then you just need to provide us with one months notice.

Turbo Charge Your Business

Getting a live answering service from Ivy Answering really does make a lot of business sense. Think of all of those times that you are right in the middle of an important task and the phone starts ringing and you have to drop everything. Wouldn’t it be much better if you had a professional receptionist service who could take that call, send you a message and leave you to get on with making money. You can rely on the specialist team from Ivy Answering Service to help you to get things done. With Ivy you can even get a toll free number to use in conjunction with your service. It really does make good sense.

If you would like to find out more about our packages then why not give one of our friendly customer service staff members a call on 866-333-3556 and we can talk you through the whole process.