Use live chat to help grow your business

Every business owner is searching for new ways to grow their business and maximize theit potential on the market. To do this, it’s important to explore options that will provide a better experience for users while fitting the financial requirements of your company. Live chat could be a perfect possibility.

What Is Live Chat?

Live chat is an instant messaging solution that means a visitor to your website can immediately engage with an agent of a company. This could be an employee of the business or an outsourcing agent. Cost-effective and efficient, live chat does provide a range of benefits for both the business or brand and the individual consumer.

A live chat can be set to pop up immediately after a user clicks on your site. This ensures that the option is presented to them straight away. It helps guarantee that they don’t immediately click back.

Reduces Bounce Rate

A high bounce rate can significantly reduce the potential for the growth of your business. Your bounce rate is measured by the ratio of people that leave your site after a short period, without committing to a purchase. A high bounce rate is believed to drastically impact your ranking. Google may assume if you have a high bounce rate, you are not providing the quality experience they want to offer their users.

A lower ranking will make your site more difficult to find online and that is going to limit your growth potential. Live chat can help with this issue by tackling a key reason that users click away from a site. Often, this will be because they were unable to find what they were searching for. They might not have discovered a service or a particular product they wanted or needed. With a live chat, you can immediately direct them to the right page or answer any questions that they are unsure of.

This quickly addresses one of the main reasons why a user would click back.

You can also use a live chat to effectively address particular issues with your business website. One of the key problems with a site is often structure. Fixing the structure of a website often requires elaborate changes that could cost a fortune. Without the right structure, it will be difficult for users to effectively navigate your website and find what they are searching for.

With Live chat, navigation isn’t an issue at all. You can provide a link to the specific item or service they want. Alternatively, you might even be able to add an item to their basket and send them straight to the purchase page.

Reduce Missed Sales

It’s difficult to achieve business growth if you are not reaching a high number of sales. It’s possible that you have a high level of traffic but your sales numbers are dwindling. If this is the case, you could be facing an issue with abandoned shopping baskets. There are numerous reasons why this can happen.

However, one of the main causes is that customers aren’t able to find the answer to a question they need to be answered before they are willing to commit to a purchase. The particular question could be anything. It could relate to the size of the item, delivery or a question about the materials it’s made from. With a live chat, they can ask the question and get it answered immediately. This is also true for leads and will help ensure that users are more inclined to reach out to your business.

Improves User Experience

When exploring how to grow your company, it’s vital to consider user experience. In one survey, more than 80% of users revealed they would stop using a business if they had a poor customer experience.

Live chat helps improve the user experience by keeping things fast and simple. Instead of spending precious minutes or even hours searching for the answers on your site, a live chat can provide them immediately as soon as customers click on your website. This is exactly what users want. They don’t want to waste time searching your site themselves. They want you to complete the legwork for them and with a live chat, you can.

Remember, customers want to make a purchase. That’s why they’re visiting your site. You just need to make sure that you are removing the roadblocks which stop them from completing this process.

Increase Engagement

If you want to increase interest from customers, you need to achieve a high level of engagement. These days, customers are trained to believe that a high level of engagement is absolutely the norm.

They are searching for businesses that they can easily connect with. Gone are the days where customers are willing to be left on hold for hours on end. This is the type of poor experience we mentioned above that can stop customers or clients providing you with a repeat sale. Repeat sales are another essential element of customer growth.

With live chat, you will be able to provide customers with the level of engagement that they want from your business. While a live chat will usually begin with an automated response, in minutes, they can be chatting to a real person. This provides an experience that a typical automated response software can not rival. It offers the human interaction that customers are desperate for through a nonintrusive interaction.

We hope you see now why live chat could certainly be your secret weapon when searching for ways to achieve business growth. It will help support your SEO campaign, improving your chance to gain a higher ranking. At the same time, you will be improving your customer experience, feeding information into your CRM, helping them find the answers they need and allowing them to commit to a sale. As well as this, you will be ensuring that customers can effectively engage with your business.

It is this type of interaction that will earn you, not only repeat sales and loyalty but referrals. Referrals are a great way to ensure the growth of your business as well as the longevity of your brand.