A Funeral Home Answering Service

Few other modes of business have to deal with emotion and grief as the Funeral Industry. People are not themselves during the loss of their loved ones, they can be wrought with emotion, even angry and confused. The death of a friend or a family member is always hard and when the arrangements need to be made, many people have never had to cope with the responsibility before.

It can be a very pressured challenge for the bereaved. It’s also a huge responsibility each and every time for the funeral home and your staff to ensure that the suffering bereaved are consoled by a funeral service and arrangements that are dignified and suitable and above all, professional.

In this environment of great sensitivity and concern, being available to provide a caring capable live human voice for the sombre customers, at any time of the weekday or weekend, is simply good business sense coupled with sympathetic goodwill. A Funeral Parlour answering service or a Mortuary answering service is a reliable partner that ensures efficiency – at IVY Answering service we are there to support your professionalism with highly trained local US receptionists. We know how to comfort distressed callers and listen to questions and queries and inform about funeral arrangements at these unique times in everyone’s lives.

How we arrange your Virtual Reception service

Our funeral parlour answering service receptionists are all US based so callers always hear a local voice of understanding. We will answer every call promptly on behalf of your business – so callers will simply think these virtual receptionists are your very own staff.

Your IVY team has many years of experience, we are experts in Funeral Parlour call management. Our staff are always there, fresh and well trained, always with the appropriate voice tone to answer a live phone call with a welcoming helpful human touch.

We know how to calm and offer condolences and provide precise, clear detail. Whether it is arrangements to schedule viewings of the deceased, or directions to the chapel or crematorium, it could be a request about sending flowers to the service or even an inquiry on costs, your Funeral Home Answering service will manage all your telephone calls. We know your industry and we will administer your service according to your instructions. We will compile a comprehensive FAQ and your policies for prioritising coupled with our extensive Funeral Home call experience will ensure a smooth implementation of IVY Answering. We will message by text or email or forward important calls and you’ll have the absolute certainty that your Virtual Receptionist never takes sick leave or holiday leave or goes suddenly absent at your busiest time. We can always be there answering calls for your business. We will seem just like your staff, providing all the necessary detail to your directors and team and ensuring compassionate support for families enquiring about the arrangements for their loved one.

Contact us. Take our free trial. There are no confusing long-term contracts with IVY. Use IVY Answering how you want when you want. Just use IVY Funeral Homes Answering for overflow phone calls, or you can use IVY only for weekends and holidays. Choose us just for after hours or make IVY your 24 hours partner. We are always ready to support.

How IVY Funeral Home Answering services can assist your profession

What does a person think when they call a Funeral home number or Mortuary facilities and it goes to voicemail or the phone just rings on and on? Imagine family members calling trying to contact their funeral director at 5.30pm and a machine asking them to them to leave a message – asks them to leave a message about the obituary or the casket like it’s just daily business? They’ll think that they don’t matter. You don’t even care enough to have a human voice answer the Funeral homes phone at 5.30pm.

If you want your Funeral home business to matter, you know you need to show you care. In the funeral industry you need to leave a good impression behind you, even though you may never see the same customers again. You know the profession. Professionalism is essential. A dedicated asset to answer phone calls is really essential. Everything can go wrong except the services for the bereaved. The certainty of your Virtual Receptionist Funeral Home Answering Service will mean every call is answered and logged. Your funeral management executives will always be well briefed and our team will be responsive and pro-active and engaging according to the need.

How nice would it be if you could be absolutely certain that every phone call to your funeral home was always promptly answered, no matter when. What relief it would be to know you are covering off phone answering and you don’t need to employ an in-house receptionist with all the overheads and dependencies – but you will still receive better returns in savings and client satisfaction.

When you use IVY Answering you are ensuring the commitment of your team because they realise that you care about their work life balance. IVY Answering Funeral Home Answering Services means an end to the scramble to answer phones, you’ve solved performance issues from staff carrying out ad hoc tasks of phone answering and juggling their responsibilities. With funeral home call answering you have a 100% dedicated customer service as your first customer contact. Thanks a good feeling.

You save money with an IVY Funeral Home receptionist and you also build revenue. You can have a live human voice available to represent your business at any time of the day – on any day of the week. That means opportunities to earn revenue are always captured. That means the professionalism of your important services are enhanced. You are telling your clientele that they matter, that you are there for them at this critical time and they can call whenever they want and speak to a live caring voice. That means you are marketing – you are advertising, you are spreading the message that your callers are important and people will respond to that image of dedication.

Your IVY Funeral Home Answering receptionists know their profession. Let us be your partner supporting your team while they provide the services and support to families and loved ones every day.