Absolutely! When you sign up for a free trial you will be allocated a unique telephone number with us. This is the number that we will answer. You will need to forward your existing telephone number to the allocated number. All calls that you decide not to answer will then be answered by Ivy – using your business name. Not certain how you forward your telephone number? Just ask us!

If you would like to have your calls answered 24/7 then we can make use of our other global offices to take those calls. Alternatively we will take messages after hours, convert them to text and email them to you.

Once you have signed up for your Free Trial/Account you will need to tell us what greeting you want our receptionists to use when answering your calls. This greeting is specific to your business and can be changed whenever you want.

Messages can be received by either SMS or email. Given the number of people who now have smart phones and want to receive their messages whilst on the go, we find that the most common method is email.

Definitely, once you have access to our admin portal you will have the ability to enter commonly asked questions into the system  (with corresponding answers) . The receptionists can then use this information with the callers.

Yes. Our admin system allows you to request that specific types of calls can be redirected to specific people. For example, you may want all support calls to go to a specific number.

Not at all. Our receptionists can answer as many or as few as you want. Some customers want us to answer all of their incoming calls while others only want us to answer over flow. It is totally up to you.

Lots! If you need appointments set then we can do that for you. We can manage multiple diaries for multiple staff members. Your service can have a contact added for each staff member that is to receive messages or transferred calls. Contacts can also have a department specified so that messages can be routed appropriately based on the department that the caller requests.

If a dedicated phone number is required for a staff member (eg. to have a different greeting than the main company line), then we can provision a phone number instead.

Using our client portal to add and to manage contacts is easy, and Ivy Answering Service can also configure dedicated logins to give staff members access to manage their availability and message preferences.

We even have Virtual Assistants who can carry out all sorts of admin tasks for you remotely.

It depends very much on what services you require and how much you want to use those services. We have packages that have been designed for a variety of business sizes and structures.

Not at all. We do not lock people in to long term contracts. You will have the ability to cancel with one months notice.

Definitely, if you want a national presence for your business then we can help you out. In addition, if required we could provide you with a Toll Free Number.