Business Call Answering Services

Really Connect with your Customers – Use the Experience of a Dedicated Phone Answering Service.

When we think about the way that the business world has changed, you realise that change is normal. It’s necessary. It’s vital. We have to keep adapting and seeking new ways to create revenue and make real cost savings that effect the bottom line. That means being open and ready. Ready to change. Ready for change.

Many services that are now performed by outside providers were once completed by company employees. Advances in technology and economic growth has allowed businesses to change the mix of the full-time employee staff they once employed. A company doesn’t need to hire their own IT help desk staff anymore. Firms can now have their payroll, HR and marketing provided by outside contractors that perform just the same as in-house employees.

Communication has also changed. Remember those first mobile phones like big bricks? Look at what you have now. Remember how we had home phone lines and then gradually realised it was a waste of money? But some change is just frustrating and never seems to be an improvement. Business voicemail was supposed to be a helpful replacement for phone calls that just rang on and on and were never answered. But who likes voicemail? Who enjoys trying to reduce all their thoughts into a few terse words before the machine beeps? Is that really an improvement? And who knows when you will get an answer or if the message you left is going to be understood?

A Telephone Answering Service immediately solves all those negatives about voicemail. When your firm establishes a live call answering service you are making a very clear statement about the image of customer service you want your business to have. You’ve replaced an impersonal machine that just records with a live human welcoming voice with a capacity to rapidly provide customer satisfaction. With a Live Phone Answering Service clients can talk and explain and ask and share and even order products with our receptionist team.

If you feel the need, a small or moderate business can still employ their own full-time receptionist to take phone calls, and some still do. A professional warm welcoming voice answering phone calls does create a good impression, but you can make that impression with customers and get even more benefits – without all the overheads of employing your own staff to fulfil the role. Just implement a professional phone answering service.

Small Business Owners – Boost your Business with a LIVE telephone Answering Service

Some companies do have their own warm welcoming Receptionist Service during normal working hours and then switch to a cold impersonal voicemail during after hours, on weekends and holidays and when the receptionist is on a break or on leave. That’s a strange policy, especially when a business is growing and really seeking to understand its customers to make them special and No1. 5pm comes along and that customer focussed ambition stops dead, ‘leave a message after the beep’.

Using IVY Answering as your Business Answering Service will mean you really walk the walk on customer service. It’s a change. Your business is adapting and change is normal, its vital. Your marketing says you are customer focussed and with IVY Answering taking care of your Phone Answering Service your business really is customer friendly.

Using a Business Answering Service means that your clients will think your enterprise is larger than it really is. Use IVY as your 24/7 seven days a week service and clients will always have their phone call answered promptly – even if it is only 8am!! Important customers won’t ever experience the phone just ringing on and on in the middle of the day until an exasperated voice asks you to ‘please hold’.

Your IVY Business Answering Service has a big ability. We are scalable. Lots of calls in the middle of the day? Not a problem. Small business owners worried about their local customers wanting to speak to a local voice. Not a problem. All our receptionist services are US based and we are also multi-lingual.

Even worse than trying to rely on a full-time receptionist to answer all the phone calls is when small business owners try to rely on their own staff and themselves as an improvised phone answering service. An incoming call while you are talking to your most important client and your other two staff are off on a lunch break. Sound familiar? Some small business people even provide their own personal cell phone number to customers which is not the best solution for customer service because you simply can’t rest if you are acting as a small business owner AND a receptionist.

A Business Answering Service with IVY simply means you have chosen a wonderful call management solution. Your Receptionist Service is available to answer calls whenever you want them to. Take a package 24/7/365. Choose IVY live answering service for after hours or weekends and holidays. Rely on IVY just as a live answering service just for overflow. You’ll only pay for what you need, when you need it – we have packages to suit all types of business.

Achieve your business goals

Your IVY Business Phone Answering Service will affect the bottom line and reduce costs AND grow revenue. Your company won’t need to employ a receptionist so you save in salaries and overheads – and dedicated office space. Alternatively – you and your staff won’t be interrupted to answer all those FAQ general enquiries because the phone answering team at IVY will have it all covered.

When we implement your live business answering services we’ll document a FAQ and customise the call answering process according to your instructions. We can message you and your staff via SMS text or email and according to your prioritisation directions – we’ll forward sales calls and leads as you’d like. We’ll also provide you with a new business phone number that we will simply link to your existing number so client calls will seamlessly flow through to IVY. Your receptionist service can also schedule appointments if you need and we are also there as fresh, friendly representatives of your products and services – callers will never know that your US IVY answering team aren’t sitting in your offices – because we seem just like staff.

Trial us. Test our experience as a premier provider of live phone answering services for business. Answering telephone calls is what we do. We have the right tone. We know the American business world. Make every call an opportunity. As a small business owner you can rely on IVY phone answering services. There is no set=up fee. No programming fee. No tricky business services charge. We do all the tech support. Our call management packages for your live answering service are very simple to understand – everything is in plain language.

Relax and trust IVY. Relax and know that every call to your firm will be promptly answered in the name of your business, that’s constant customer care.

With an IVY Business Answering Service you embrace change. You make sure your brand image of great customer care enterprise is true. Let your competitors greet sales leads with a voicemail at 5.15pm. Your Live Receptionist Service will welcome that call live in a courteous friendly voice.

Contact us. Develop your call management strategy with IVY Answering.