Your Business Deserves A 24/7 Virtual Receptionist

The commercial world is 24/7 busy. Your customers work all sort of hours and they make decisions to do things at any time of the day. That’s a fact. Many companies also work across time zones, so they are open when your business is closed for the day. That doesn’t mean you and your staff have to burn out trying to be your own customer answering service 24 hours a day. Your team needs to rest and your business needs to focus on the big things that matter, like your business strategy, like providing great service and really understanding what your key customers want.

You have to be wise if you want your business to beat the competition. You have to find those points of difference between you and your competitors – why is your business better? One of the main differences between great businesses and all the others is customer service. Its simple but we sometimes forget when we get too busy – it can all come tumbling down if we don’t keep a constant watch on keeping customers satisfied.

So in this busy business world, the smart successful companies don’t let their staff burn out. The smart companies don’t forget customer focus. The companies that survive use every way possible to succeed, and one of the best supports is getting your phone answering right, making sure that your call handling is excellent. Realising that every incoming phone call is an opportunity.

A live telephone answering service, whether it is an after-hours phone answering service or even a 24-hour live telephone answering service is really a necessity these days.

For a while, in the early days, it took some time for companies to realise that they shouldn’t just let phone calls go unanswered after hours. That’s when they put in voicemail, and they asked their important customers to ‘speak after the beep’. Now that voicemail is not good enough anymore, its just an insult. Who has the time to put all their thoughts and questions into a few short seconds? Have you even really felt you left a great voicemail message or was it always just a few words and then the beep?

So now the great companies have improved their customer support services even more and they all use live call answering, they engage call answering service specialists like IVY Answering Service. At IVY our team are all US based. At IVY that’s all we do – we specialise in professional live phone answering service.

A smart business owner really needs the certainty that an IVY after hours answering service will never miss a call – the confidence that every call will be answered promptly – and it doesn’t matter if the IVY after hours call service is live answering at 5am on a Wednesday weekday morning or 11pm at night on a Friday during Thanksgiving. Every call will be professionally handled – and you can track the data and analyse the call volumes and customer comment too.

Your IVY 24/7 answering service works according to your requirements. We have many years of experience live answering for all sorts of American businesses – from real estate agencies, to landscape architects and sports academies and emergency technicians, we are there to answer the call. Our specialist teams will work with your business FAQ and follow your directions on what calls to escalate and route to your key staff. We will message by SMS or email and our US based live reception services have just the right voice tone and courtesy to make your customers feel important when they need to call your business after hours.

When you use Ivy Answering for your incoming business phone calls, whether a live 24/7 answering service or our live after hours answering, you are making sure that you capture every opportunity to grow your revenue. People prefer to talk to a person. Talking to someone always opens the door to sales leads and upselling. A voicemail can’t market your business. A voicemail doesn’t welcome your customers. A voicemail never makes your clients feel their telephone calls are important.

At IVY we are used to change. We know your business is always changing too. Sometimes your company will need to offer a live after-hours phone answering service to answer your calls especially at peak times of the year. You can relax with IVY, we don’t lock customers in to long term contracts – just use us when you need us. Our experience means that you can have a 24/7 answering service in place and welcoming customers in less than an hour.

Here at IVY Answering, our telephone answering service answer your calls on behalf of your business. Your customers will imagine that our Virtual Receptionists are sitting in your business offices. This level of customer support, especially after-hours live call services, really impresses prospective clientele and reinforces the goodwill with current clients. Think about it yourself – do you prefer to talk to a live answering reception and get your question answered or talk to a voicemail machine and wait for a call back later in the week? Do you have time to waste waiting?

Time is so important. According to our research, 25% of the average manager’s precious time is taken up by responding to and dealing with general business administration. Using an IVY telephone answering service 7 days a week will not only free up some office space but it will allow your staff and all your executives to live a bit, knowing that all the call handling has been taken care of by a professional call answering service team that will only interrupt them if the phone call is absolutely important for them to answer.

Aside from live answering phone calls, (as well as transferring calls and obviously being able to collect caller information), a Virtual Reception can also reply to emails, use web-chat services if that’s something you have available and even appointment scheduling for your business executives. I probably don’t need to tell you that a good customer satisfaction is an integral part of your business’s success as it creates repeat customers and inspires positive word of mouth, which is a tool that can never be underestimated.

So using IVY Answering Service will ensure your business is customer focussed but it also means you can save money.

There’s also none of the overhead costs associated with an in-house receptionist. There’s no maintenance of a computer or printer to worry about. No stationary to keep stocked. No desk or chair necessary. No need to ask your in-house receptionist to stay back a while and answer calls. Virtual Receptionists are also more easily able to absorb the impact and fluctuation of a business expansion or peak business periods as they have scalable systems in place which allows call handling that can deal with suddenly increased call volumes. And then alternatively, when business is quiet you may want to stop the 24/7 service and change it just to after hours answering.

Test us. Trial us. Let IVY Answering convince you with a 7-day free trial. IVY Answering provides affordable plans to businesses – you pay a monthly fee, $55/month – and with that retainer fee you’re given a number of free calls per month. Once you exceed that quota you’re then charged a small amount per call, $2 for example per extra call and that rate remains fixed no matter how many calls you take or how long they are.

There’s no lock in contract to these plans and they can easily be upgraded or downgraded as your business needs change. Go after hours call answering, go 24/7 live call answering, go just with weekends phone answering services or just holidays – it’s your easy choice.

If you’d like to know more, contact us at or give us a call on 866-333-3556.