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Phone answering is an instant game changer. easy to set up. simple to use. cost effective.

Businesses across the US are seeing how it increases their productivity.

Saves you time and money

You can save a lot of money by going virtual with your receptionist. You only pay for the calls they answer.

Easy set up - No fixed contract

It's easy to get started. And you can manage your settings on the go with your phone, tablet or laptop.


For 7 days. No obligation. No credit card required.

Ivy Answering Services – Virtual Receptionists

Popular Packages

Virtual Receptionist$25per month

  • FREte
    7 Day Trial
  • Pay As You Go
  • $2.65 Per call we answer
  • Free Trial

Virtual Receptionist 50$110per month

  • FREE
    7 Day Trial
  • 50 Included calls
  • $2.45 per call over the plan
  • Free Trial

Virtual Receptionist 100$199per month

  • FREE
    7 Day Trial
  • 100 Included calls
  • $2.40 per call over the plan
  • Free Trial

How does phone answering work?

Below are some of the questions that are often asked about our virtual services. If you have any further questions about how we can work with your business please feel free to speak to one of our knowledgeable and friendly customer service representatives or check out our detailed FAQ’s 2022 page

Yes! Of course. When you sign up, you get a unique phone number with us. You then forward your existing phone number to this new number. All calls that you don’t answer will then get answered by us – with your business name. Not sure how to forward your phone number? Just ask us!

After hours phone calls are answered in your business name and a voicemail is recorded. The voicemail is sent to you by email.If you require your calls to be answered around the clock then our global offices are available 24 hours, seven days a week. We understand that you might be a small business that requires a 24 hour answer service so our English speaking call center services staff are always at hand.

After you sign up, you will log in to our system and type in the greeting you want the receptionists to say. When your number rings, this greeting shows on their screen so they know what to say. You can enter more information about your business so they can even answer basic questions.

You can choose whether the messages are sent as an email or a text message. Specify what information you want the receptionists to ask for. Or you can request calls to be put through to your cell phone or landline. Log in and change these settings as needed depending on your movements.

Yes. You will enter information about your business like what you do, where you are located, the main email contact and website address. Our virtual receptionists can provide this information to callers if required.

Yes. Our system can accommodate this, for example, sales enquiries can be directed to a particular colleague or staff member.

That’s completely up to you. You can set up your diversion so that we only get the calls you can’t answer – when you are out at lunch or away from your desk, for example. We answer the call as if we were in your office. Or you can set up your diversion so that we answer all your calls and direct them as required.

So much more! If you need it, we can make appointments for you. We can manage multiple staff members. Your telephone answering services can have a contact added for each staff member that is to receive messages or transferred calls. Contacts can also have a department specified so that messages can be routed appropriately based on the department that the caller requests.

If a dedicated phone number is required for a staff member (eg. to have a different greeting than the main company line), then we can provision a phone number instead.

Using our client portal to add and to manage contacts is easy, and Ivy Answering Service can also configure dedicated logins to give staff members access to manage their availability and message preferences.

As well as Answer Services we even have Virtual Assistants who can carry out all sorts of admin tasks for you remotely.

We have a variety of packages available so you can get the call answering services you need for the right price. You pay for what you use so if we answer fewer calls for you, you pay less that month. You can change to a different package at any time – whenever your needs change.

No – definitely not! You can cancel your service at any time. It’s flexible and we’re here when you need us.

Absolutely. If you want a national presence, we can give you a local number as well as numbers with different area codes that you can put on your website and business cards to give your business a national appearance. We can also provide you with a Toll Free Number.


Get back the time you need to really grow your business.

Everyone who starts a business does so with the intention of growing that business as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, before too long we all end up being swamped in a sea of admin.

With a telephone answering service from Ivy Answering Service you can significantly reduce the amount of time that is spent on that non-productive work and redirect your focus to building the business you dreamed of.

We believe in keeping things simple but having the ability to handle the complex if needed. For this reason, the setup of our Ivy answering service is really quite simple. You don’t have to be a computer or phone genius to get things started. Also, we are really happy to help you with any of the steps involved.

The first thing you will need to do is divert your existing telephone number to a number that we will provide you with. Basically, this means that anyone calling that number can be diverted to a member of our team of receptionists.

You don’t have to divert all of your calls. You can simply divert calls after a specific number of rings or you can divert after or before a specific time. Remember, if you have any problems configuring your call diversion then we will be happy to help out.

Next, you need to let us know how you want us to greet your callers. You can decide on any greeting that you want and you can change that greeting at any time. For instance, if there is a holiday period coming up you may want to change your greeting to be more festive. Alternatively, if you have launched a new brand you may want to mention the new brand in the greeting.

If our receptionists are not forwarding the calls through to another number for you then they will take a message from the caller and forward this message on to you. Before establishing your service you will need to let us know how you would like to receive these messages. There are 2 options for receiving messages, either by SMS or by email. If you choose SMS there is a small additional fee involved while if you choose email there is no additional charge.

Now that we know your greeting and how you want to receive your messages we are ready to start answering those incoming calls.

Why not take our service for a test drive for 7 days at no cost and with no obligation. For new customers to Ivy we give a 7 day free trial. It gives you the opportunity to experience our world class answering services and to get to see how much of a change we could have on your life.

Take control of your future.

25% of a manager's time is spent working on administrative tasks with a big chunk of this being taken up by answering incoming telephone calls.

You didn’t start your business to spend hours a week talking to cold callers and telemarketers. You started your business because you wanted to build something and to make a difference. Don’t let all that time-consuming administration slow you down and cramp your style.

Getting the maximum value is all about ensuring that you have the right people doing the right jobs. If you are a revenue focused professional, then you have the ability to do all the jobs around your office, but does it make economic sense for you to be doing them?

Most businesses outsource their bookkeeping and tax preparation to professionals because they know that they will get the job done quicker and more effectively than if it was done internally. The same logic can be applied to answering your incoming telephone calls. A professional answering service can answer all those incoming calls in a prompt and effective manner and separate the important calls from the not so important. This means that you can confidently focus on growing your brand whilst those incoming calls are attended to.

Ivy Answering Services is a professional virtual receptionist service based in Phoenix Arizona. We use local experienced receptionists to answer the incoming telephone calls for a wide variety of businesses. Your business will be in good company as our service answers the phones for a large number of attorneys, CPAs, digital marketing professionals, eCommerce businesses plus many more.

We live in a 24/7 world

Gone are the days when you could walk out of your office at 5pm and be confident that all would be good until 9am the next day. These days people are expected to be contactable 24/7 365 days per year. For many business people this means that their personal lives and their family life ends up suffering as their clients will ring at all hours of the day or night expecting to speak to a real person.

Fortunately for you, your personal life does not have to suffer. With the Ivy Answering Service we have competent professional receptionists who will be available and ready to take your call whatever time that call comes in. In addition, you can instruct our team as to which calls are priority calls and which are not. This way you will be disturbed for the important issues but not for the minor ones.

People don’t trust messaging services

A variety of studies over the past few years have shown that business people are becoming less and less trusting of automated answering services. In addition, many people are not even checking their own voice mails which means if you do leave a message then you may only have a small chance of that message being listened to or actually being actioned. Another disturbing aspect of this dis-trust of automated messaging is that many people state that they would rather hang up the phone and call another supplier rather than leave a voice mail.

Doesn’t it make more sense to have a real live trained telephonist on the other side of the call as opposed to a computer? The cost of having an answering service from a provider like Ivy is really affordable and could easily be offset by managing to convert even just one or two of those incoming inquiries each month.

Key Features

The best choice for your phone answering service

Mature, trained telephonists
We understand business
Local USA based staff
Focus on building revenue not admin
Get back your freedom
Easy to use App for iPhone or Android
No long term contracts
Really easy setup
Software custom written by experts
Voicemail for after hours calls included
Pay for what you use
Flexible to suit your needs

and so much more...

What Clients Say

Many of our clients tell us that our receptionists do such a good job that their callers think that the virtual receptionist is actually sitting in the office with them.

You don't get a better recommendation than that!