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How Much Does A Virtual Receptionist Cost

Many businesses are struggling in 2022. It is not news to anyone that the COVID-19 pandemic, alongside other socioeconomic situations that are occurring all across the world, have put businesses under massive strain. This makes it difficult for business owners to continue paying staff, with many businesses closing for months at a time. This new economic climate has created many problems for businesses and individuals alike.

However, the pandemic has created a ‘new normal’ that many people are enjoying. Working remotely has been a huge part of this, and has created new work-life balances for many businesses and employees around the world. With this new normal in place, businesses are learning to adapt, grow, and change accordingly to the circumstances. It is this resilience that keeps businesses thriving, despite it all.

What Is A Virtual Receptionist?

Virtual receptionists do similar work to an in-house receptionist, with less pressure on the company. A virtual receptionist is an experienced clerical worker with excellent customer skills, who works from a remote location rather than inside your office. This means that all their work with your company is done online, through a portal provided for both you and the receptionist. This might sound like an odd way of working but can positively affect your business on many levels.

What Does A Virtual Receptionist Do?

A virtual receptionist can:

  • Answer calls. Your virtual receptionist will answer calls directed to your company, just like an in-house receptionist. The calls will be diverted through to the phone they use, and they can answer the call simply and easily. The virtual receptionist will use a greeting chosen by your company and is able to redirect phone calls to the appropriate channels within the company base.
  • Use email. Similarly to the setup with phone calls, the virtual receptionist can answer emails on behalf of the company.
  • Offer a 24/7 service. However your business operates, a virtual receptionist can operate whenever and however you see fit. This allows you to be flexible and choose the right working hours for you and your business.

Why Choose a Virtual Receptionist?

There are many advantages to choosing a virtual receptionist, instead of hiring an in-house receptionist. If your business is growing and still in its early years, hiring another full-time employee can be risky for your financial stability. Opting for a virtual receptionist can help your small business grow successfully without being a weight on your financial growth.

Likewise, if you are low on office space and are not in a position to expand your space, choosing a virtual receptionist eliminates this problem! Virtual receptionists work remotely, ensuring you can keep your space small and cost-efficient. If you are concerned about social distancing measures during COVID-19, a virtual receptionist can help you keep everybody in your company safe at this time!

If your business has been hit hard in recent months, but you’re still in need of clerical work for your business to thrive, a virtual receptionist can work as a money-saving strategy. You can keep your phones manned and your customers satisfied while maintaining the financial viability of your business. This simple solution to your needs can help your business thrive, even in this challenging era.

Ivy Answer’s Virtual Receptionists

At Ivy Answer, there are virtual receptionists who can cater to any business. This means that you can select different packages depending on you or your business’ needs. This cost-effective way of hiring a personal receptionist does not place strain on your business but instead relieves the business of administrative needs it has!

The packages available:

Each package with Ivy Answer is based on the number of calls per month you need for your business. The initial setup cost of each package starts at just $50.

Pay as you go package, the My Assistant package, which simply totals the cost of your minutes used as you use them. Other packages available are:

  • My Assistant 25: This is the most popular package! Costing $95 per month, this allows for 25 minutes per month, with a charge of $1.90 per extra minute used. This package is ideal for growing businesses who are unsure of the level of help they will need going forward!
  • My Assistant 50: This package allows 50 minutes of calling per month, priced at $135 per month. This is perfect for busier businesses!
  • My Assistant 100: This package costs $195 per month, and allows for 100 minutes of call time! This package is best suited to medium sized, growing businesses.
  • My Assistant 200: This is the largest package offered by Ivy Answer! This package covers 200 minutes at just $320 per month. This allows for larger businesses to operate efficiently with the help of their virtual receptionist!

Why Choose Ivy Answer?

There are many call services out there who all want you to be their next customer. Here is why you should choose Ivy Answer!

The packages are flexible!

The fantastic thing about these packages is that they are flexible. There is no fixed contract on these packages and they can be updated at any time. That means that if you start with My Assistant 25, you can upgrade to My Assistant 50 with no problems at all! These packages have no minimum term and operate on a month-to-month basis. Businesses are well-informed by Ivy Answer and the packages are totally free of any hidden costs.

Better than the competition

Ivy Answer include charges per call, rather than per minute. This relieves pressure from the receptionists to rush through calls with important customers, for fear that the charges will increase. Instead, Ivy Answer allows you to spend the valuable time needed on the phone to your customers and clients.

Saves you time and money

You can save a lot of money by going virtual with your receptionist. You only pay for the calls they answer.


Easy set up - No fixed contract

It's easy to get started. And you can manage your settings on the go with your phone, tablet or laptop.



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