About Ivy Answering Service

Phone answering is an instant game changer. easy to set up. simple to use. cost effective.

25% of the average manager's time can be spent working on non revenuew producing administrative tasks with a large portion of that time being consumed with answering incoming calls.

When you started your business your aim was not to spend hours a week talking to cold callers and telling people about the parking available at your office. The liklihood is that you started a business because of your desire to create something unique and to make a difference. Don't be consumed by that endless administration and don't let it cramp your style.

Getting maximum value out of your business is all about making sure you have the right people in the right spots. If your focus is sales then you might have the skills to do all the jobs in the office but it might not make good business sense for you to actually be doing them?

take control of your future
grow your business

We can be the support that you need to grow your business.

Here at Ivy Answering Service we answer telephone calls for many thousands of people throughout the USA, UK and Australia. We have custom built our telephone answering software to give you a first class experience and we are constantly developing new and innovative ways to make your experience with us even better.

We understand that technology can be daunting if it is not your main focus and we like to keep our systems simple and intuitive to use. In saying this, if you want your answering service to provide a more complex and bespoke experience then we are happy to work with you to deliver a service that really suits your situation.

We think that it is extremely important that US based businesses have their calls answered by US based receptionist staff. For this reason, during extended business hours your calls will be answered by our Phoenix based staff. If you feel that you require 24/7 live answering for your business then there may be some times when we need to push those calls to our UK or Australian based receptionists however the calls would always be handled by English speaking staff.

Here at Ivy Answering Service we believe in keeping our billing simple. We have a variety of packages that have been designed for businesses of all shapes and sizes. If you feel that your business doesn't quite fit the mold then we are happy to discuss the idea of a custom package that suits your particular situation.

We don't believe in locking our customers into long term contracts. We believe in providing a first class level of service that adds value to our customers businesses and consequently those customers want to stay with us because we are all working as a team. If for some reason you decide that you want to cancel your contract then you only need to give us one months notice to leave.

As part of our plan to keep things simple we charge on a per call basis as opposed to per minute (as most of our competitors charge). We feel this is much easier for our customers to monitor and also does not disadvantage the customers if they receive an extra long call. Our average call length is around 1.5 minutes so it is quite easy to compare our rates to our competitors.

Here at Ivy Answering we also understand the problem that many of our customers have with telemarketing calls and we charge a reduced rate for those calls. We believe that the best way to grow our business is to help you to grow yours!